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SHP specializes in custom hermetic housings of most hermetic packaging materials. We provide free engineering design for all sealing devices to maximize yields even on the initial housing lot build. We are flexible with our manufacturing policies, offering the following arrangements.

  • Turnkey: This is the most complete service, providing the customer with risk free assurance of product meeting specification on schedule. SHP takes full responsibility and guarantees full spec compliance for manufacture of the hermetic housing once the recommended documentation has been approved. Our unique soldering methods are designed to produce the highest possible yields even on initial builds.

  • Customer Supplied Housings: With this arrangement, SHP provides the same engineering service to optimize the machining for the intended SHP devices. Once approved the customer provides machining to the drawing from their inside capability or a third party. SHP is contracted to provide all seal devices and install same into housing and perform all verification testing specified. Plating can be supplied by either the customer or SHP in this arrangement.

  • Hermetic Devices Only: In this arrangement SHP will review the customer drawings and make any required machining recommendations for proper installation of SHP devices. The customer procures the devices from SHP and installs them in housings manufactured internally or acquires from a third party.

Please feel free to contact us for further discussions on any questions you may have.

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