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SHP manufactures a full range of common and robust SMP & SMPM connectors per MIL-STD-348, available with various detent options.

These precision connectors are of the highest quality available. Of particular note is our plating control, which assures required plating thickness on the pin for reliable wire bonding while avoiding excess plating on the body to assure solder joint quality (soft solder).

In view of the significant application difficulties with common push-on connectors, SHP has developed push-on connectors with optimized interfaces for both high and low expansion materials. These unique designs facilitate reliable installation with extremely high hermeticity yields, virtually eliminating the need for rework.

For more information on these devices, please refer to the following bulletins.

Bulletin # 900 Common SMP Connectors
Bulletin # 900 (Page 3) Robust Aluminum Compatible SMP
Bulletin # 900 (Page 4) Robust Kovar Compatible SMP
Bulletin # 910 Robust Aluminum Compatible SMPM

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