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SHPs standard hermetic headers have been designed to provide reliable service in aluminum housings over the full temperature range of 65C to 150C. Greater pin counts can be provided dependent on host housing material and specific temperature range requirements.

The design of these headers, when combined with the recommended application data, provides a complete solution for header requirements. An optimum solder joint is assured, providing a life of reliable hermetic performance.

An optimized solder well is provided to accommodate variations in solder demand as a result of manufacturing tolerances.

Solder preforms are available in a number of common solders which guarantee the appropriate amount of fill on every joint.

Our headers are available in several pin spacings and pin diameters and are available with EMI capacitors as well. These same headers can be used in other high-expansion materials, such as Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel or Steel.

See Custom Headers for low-expansion materials and special geometries.

Contact us for information on the many header options we offer.

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